Aaron K.

In May, 2015, I was walking up the sidewalk from the Esquimalt dockyard gates on the north side of the road in the middle of a group of sailors on the way to our vehicles.  The road in question is a long, slow turn coming into the Esquimalt military base.  I checked for traffic before stepping out to cross the street and was part way across when I was struck by the front of a taxi that flipped me up into the air. My flying body ripped the taxi’s passenger side mirror off before I landed on the asphalt.  My left shoe was retrieved by the police from a tree at the scene but my glasses were never located.

I was hospitalized for five days because of the internal injuries I suffered from the impact. My surgeons assessed that it would at least two months for my internal injuries to heal.  I was off work for several months and was unable to walk without a walker.  My wife, who was five months pregnant at the time, had to take over my household hold and family duties.

 The taxi’s black data box showed that it was travelling at 70km/h 1.9 seconds prior to the collision and 56km/h at the time it struck me.  The posted speed limit is 30km/h.  The file was sent to Crown to review for charges due to the speed on a road that has regular pedestrian traffic and for the failure of the taxi driver to see me squarely in front of him as he rounded the curve.

 The taxi driver was convicted of excessive speed relative to conditions.

 The combination of excessive speed and distracted driving has changed my life and that of my family.