When I just turned 17 I was in a collision that permanently changed my life.  I was seat belted in the middle seat of a pickup truck driven by a friend and classmate.  As we were driving, some CDs spilled on the floor.  The driver looked down to pick up the CDs.  As a result he did not see the curve in the road.  The  truck left the road.  We went head on into a tree.  Apart from my physical injuries which continue to cause me pain despite the passage of years, I received a brain injury which changed everything.  At first I could not admit to my brain injury.  I became so depressed that I considered ending it all.  I lost my ability to control my thinking. My memory and judgment are impaired.  Nothing comes easy any more.  I have to work and struggle every day for what I took for granted before the collision.  But for my health care workers and the judge who ordered that my past and future cost of care expenses and losses be paid so I can afford help and make the most of my life despite my permanent injuries, I don’t know where I would be today.