I was unfortunately injured in three car crashes between 2010 and 2012.  Before the accidents I worked as a social worker and I’m a mum to a little boy. The first two accidents caused me to develop a severe chronic pain problem and the third accident was devastating.  I was walking in a marked crosswalk when the driver of a big truck made a left hand turn and hit me.  The driver admitted to the police he was distracted and didn’t see me in the crosswalk.  I was put in an ambulance on a spine board.  I have since developed severe chronic pain including something called centralized pain and chronic regional pain syndrome.  I have a number of herniated discs in my lower back, I don’t sleep well and I’ve had cognitive disturbances. I have major depression and PTSD.  Every doctor that’s assessed me says I will not be able to work again.  I need medication for the rest of my life.  There are days that I’m unable to get out of bed or leave the house.  Some days I need a wheelchair. I am getting constant daily care, sometimes with self-care and dressing.  I’ve had to get ketamine and botox injections in my neck and scalp and body for headaches and pain.  I’m doing a lot of psychological counseling and working with occupational therapists to try and get up and out in the community as much as possible.  My life has been changed forever.