Jocelyn, Terry, Amanda and Mitchell Fabretti

The Fabretti’s are driving home from their son’s hockey game.  They are talking quietly because the kids are sleeping in the back of the vehicle.  They are crossing the Pattullo Bridge and are driving under the posted speed limit in the curb lane.  As they approach the middle of the bridge Terry Fabretti is shocked to see a black mustang sliding sideways towards them in their lane of traffic.   Jocelyn Fabretti screams but it is too late. The passenger side of the Mustang smashes into the front of the Fabretti’s vehicle.

Terry Fabretti sees a bone sticking out of his arm and can’t breath because of the pain.  Jocelyn Fabretti is dazed and in shock.  Her first concern is the children and when she calls to them they are unconscious and unresponsive. Jocelyn sees smoke coming from the front of the mustang and it is clear that two of the passengers are dead.  Jocelyn calls to the children again but they are still unresponsive.  

The police, fire, and ambulance arrive at the scene of the crash and the Fabretti’s are taken to the hospital for their injuries.  Terry has a broken arm and a herniated disc in his back that will haunt him for the rest of his life.  Jocelyn has internal bleeding and bruising across her entire torso, she develops chronic pain, depression and anxiety over time, conditions which affect every aspect of her functioning.  Amanda has a fractured pelvis and worries how this will affect her when she has children of her own.  Mitchell suffers in silence but the emotional impact of the injuries on his entire family are devastating.

This crash should never have occurred and the Fabretti’s are traumatized when they hear from the police officer that there are no charges against the defendant driver despite the fact that two people died and the Fabretti’s lives are changed forever.