I was on my way home from work in rush hour traffic. The cars in front of me slowed down and I came to a complete stop. Seconds later, I was hit from behind by an inattentive driver. The sound of the collision is burned into my brain. Nearly seven years ago, I lost my younger brother and sister-in-law in a car accident. My sister-in-law died at the scene, but my brother hung on in the hospital. Fortunately, I had a chance to say goodbye to him. Before he passed, he told me he was haunted by the sounds of the accident—the screeching of the tires and the loud bang. Now, it is me who is haunted by the sounds. The worst part of it is that I am no longer able to be the energetic and fun-loving mother and wife that I have always been. As a working mother of a seven year-old boy, my family needs me. Unfortunately, by the end of my work day, I barely have anything left for my beautiful family. I cannot begin to explain how heartbreaking this is for a mother to endure.