Three years ago I kissed my wife and kids goodbye and got into my car to drive to work in downtown Vancouver.  It was a cold, wet, and rainy November morning.  I was thinking about my work day on my way into the office.  I was driving northbound with the flow of traffic through a busy intersection with a solid green light.  Lots of cars going in my direction safely went through the intersection before me.  When I was in the middle of the intersection an eastbound driver ran a red light in a big black SUV and hammered into to my driver’s side door.  I had no idea or warning I was going to be hit.  The woman didn’t honk her horn, I didn’t hear brakes.  Eye witnesses say she hit my car doing at least 60KPH and that she drove through the red light like it wasn’t even there. There is absolutely no way she had her eyes on the road.  The picture below shows how hard she hit me.  I was knocked unconscious.  If my side and front airbags hadn’t deployed I’m convinced she would have killed me.  When I came to I was confused and covered in glass and dust from the airbags.  The firemen and ambulance crew had to extract me from my vehicle.  They put me in a neck collar and on a spine board and I was rushed to Vancouver General Hospital.  They took CT scans of my brain and x-rays up and down my spine.  It was a terrifying ordeal.  I was diagnosed with a head injury and severe whiplash injuries to my neck and back.  I couldn’t work for several months and when I did finally get back to work I struggled.  I didn’t feel like myself, I had lost confidence and I work in sales.  I struggled with motivation, thinking, remembering things, and multi-tasking.  I wasn’t sleeping well because of pain and flashbacks.  I had really bad headaches for months.  I was grumpy and irritable all the time, especially with my wife, son and daughter. It took me almost a year to recovery.  From what the Vancouver Police department told me, the only penalty for the woman who nearly killed me because of her distracted driving was a ticket for “driving with undue care and attention”.  That made me really, really angry for a long time.