I was involved in a car crash in the fall of 2014 in Vancouver.  I was 40 weeks pregnant at the time.  I was stopped at a red light when without warning my car was hit from behind. There is no way the driver who hit me was paying attention to the traffic in front of him when he hit me.  Unfortunately the driver of the SUV left the scene without giving me his information but we got the license plate number.  The police were called and they investigated and I’m still not sure if they know who was driving the car.  The car accident came at a bad time, was in the final stages of my pregnancy and it was scary and I was worried about my baby’s health.  Since then I’ve suffered from sleep problems, headaches, anxiety, and chronic neck and back pain.  Because I was nursing I was restricted from taking medication or doing the rehabilitation I needed.  It’s been over two and a half years and I’m still suffering.